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Along with expert Geomatics guidance and service, we distribute efficient and precise solutions through best-in-class products, engineered by respected manufacturers.

Our offering includes:

  • GNSS solutions from ComNav Technologies Ltd.
  • Heron mobile scanners and software from Gexcel.
  • Ntrip Service in partnership with RTK Premium.
  • Unicontrol 3D Positioning solutions.

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Our 3D Mapping Solutions

For more than 15 years, Gexcel has been developing and supplying software for Lidar data processing. They have developed software for and co-operated with, most 3D laser manufacturers.

More About Gexcel


For more than 15 years, Gexcel has been developing and supplying software for Lidar data

processing. They have developed software for, and co-operated with, most 3D laser manufacturers.

  • With the development of Heron SLAM scanners, Gexcel has developed a complete solution, incorporating hardware and software.
  • SLAM scanners typically develop a drift error, but Gexcel’s unique algorithm and workflow are designed to eliminate 99% of this drift error. This results in accurate point clouds, even from longer scans.
  • Heron mobile scanners can be hand-held, fixed to a backpack, or mounted on vehicles; which is partly why they are incredibly versatile and easy to use. These scanners are perfect for urban mapping, underground mine mapping, building surveys, construction site progress surveys, and more.
  • Reconstructor software also allows for control points, point clouds generated from static scanners, and drone surveys, to be used as constraints.
  • Another innovative solution that Gexcel has developed is their OPMMS (Open Pit Mine Monitoring Solution), for monitoring slope stability. Scanners can be controlled and data received remotely, with movements reported timeously.
3D Mapping Solutions

3D Mapping Solutions

With Gexcel’s HERON products, you carry on/out fast 3D surveying at a walking pace and collecting a dense point cloud. Thanks to wearable and handheld supports, you are free to go everywhere.

Gexcel have primarily been a software company developing 3D scanning software for many well-known brands of scanners. A few years ago they embarked on development of a complete solution around scanners using SLAM technology. Their unique algorithm largely eliminates the accuracy errors usually associated with Slam scanning, resulting in easy to use lightweight and affordable solutions to mobile scanning.

HERON 3D Mobile Scanners

  • 3D Mapping solutions using SLAM technology, plus Gexcel’s unique algorithm and workflow to minimise drift error.
  • Range: Heron MS Twin, Heron MS Twin Color, Heron Lite and Heron Lite Color.
  • We can advise the best choice to suit your application.

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  • Open Pit Mine Monitoring System.
  • This system allows for control of accurate slope monitoring from remote locations, using static scanners. Contact us for more details.

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Our GNSS Positioning

  • Are high accuracy positioning survey systems.
  • Help simplify the workflow of high precision geospatial data collection.
  • Provide reliable high precision positioning for your specific demands.
  • Relevant for surveying, agriculture, engineering, and unmanned systems.

Comnav Technologies have a large R&D department who are continuously developing new and better solutions involving GNSS. These include solutions for accurate surveying, agriculture, marine and other navigation, autonomous vehicles, piling, drilling, and more.

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ComNav Technology Ltd

ComNav are OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) for all position-related applications, using advanced GNSS technology, developed and perfected by their extensive team of R&D professionals.

With advanced features, their most recent GNSS board (now incorporated into most of their products) has been designed to improve efficiency and use less power.

Features include:

  • Low power consumption leading to extended battery life of up to 25 hours.
  • Superior “Fix” ability even in the most difficult environments, such as urban canyons or under trees.
  • Improved IMU tilt function provides accurate positions, even as far as a 60-degree tilt.
  • 15 Kilometre long range, with internal radios for base/rover configurations.


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  • Ideal for all surveying tasks
  • 1198 Channels: Tracks GPS, GLONASS, BEIDOU, Galileo, QZSS, and SBAS.
  • Low power consumption: 25 hours of operating time.
  • Enhanced UHF: 15 Kilometre range with 2W built-in radio.
  • Robust: IP67 Waterproof, dustproof, and can survive a 2 metre drop.
  • Improved IMU: Simple initialisation, 60-degree tilt.
  • Survey master: Easy to use, complete field SW.

T300 PLUS GNSS Receiver

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  • Fully-featured yet economical.

  • Full constellation tracking with 965 channels.

  • Internal UHF radio with 410-470 MHz.

  • Hot Swap Batteries.

  • 60-degree IMU.

T300 GNSS Receiver

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  • Fully-featured yet economical.

  • Full constellation tracking with 965 channels.

  • Internal UHF radio with 410-470 MHz.

  • Hot Swap Batteries.

  • Does not include IMU.

G200 GNSS Receiver

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Economical solution with full constellation tracking and 965 channels

P8 GNSS tablet

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  • Sub-centimeter accuracy with RTK or post-processing.

  • PPK Compatible.

  • Android 10.

  • 8 Inch sunlight-readable screen.

  • Integrated 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

  • Compatible with most common GIS software.


T300 PLUS GNSS Receiver

T300 GNSS Receiver

G200 GNSS Receiver

P8 GNSS tablet


3D Positioning

3D positioning and machine control system made simple. The Unicontrol system consists of 2 GNSS Antennas mounted on poles on the excavator, a GNSS Receiver control box mounted in the cab, a robust tablet display, and sensors on the boom and bucket. The system provides detailed documentation, and easy transfer of designs to the operator

Main Features:

  • Intuitive interface on Android Tablet

  • Operate according to design files

  • Background files

  • XML and DXF File formats

  • Point Codes

  • User-defined height reference in software, slope or flat

  • User defined lines and points

  • Possibility for 2D without GPS

  • Screen sharing for remote support

  • Calibration for buckets

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Our Ntrip Service

Geo-Pro has partnered with RTK Premium Ntrip Service.

  • Full UK Coverage utilising all OS stations.
  • Reliable and accurate.
  • Proven track record in Europe and other parts of the world.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Available for all Ntrip users for all GNSS brands.

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